Mrunmaiy Abroal

Mrunmaiy Abroal is a communications professional and has been building technology brands for over 13 years. Most recently she was working as the Director of Communications for South Asia at Opera Software.

Living with a cervical spinal cord injury since 2011, she has not let disability curb her enthusiasm for travelling and embarking on new journeys. Far from being a disadvantage, her spinal cord injury has increased her determination to succeed and persevere when obstacles grace the path. She also volunteers with The Spinal Foundation to spread awareness about rebuilding life after a SCI.

Karthik Ragubathy

Karthik brings ideas to life with software. He runs a web and mobile agency. Currently programming in Swift as well as in Laravel. When not coding, He help startups with demonstrating their technical content ( User Manuals, API Documentation etc) in a better way.

Tushar Joshi

Tushar Joshi is a hands-on coding architect working at Persistent Systems, Nagpur. He is an open source enthusiast, founder and leader for Java User Group Nagpur and the member of NetBeans Dream Team which is a community-driven group of highly skilled NetBeans users and contributors maintained by NetBeans.

Tushar has helped clients update their business sites to ensure they have covered all security vulnerabilities as identified by OWASP.org, legacy client sites developed with ColdFusion have benefited by the security reviews and suggested fixes.

Abhijit Rakas

Abhijit Rakas is a Nagpur based web developer working for SANIsoft Technologies. He started his journey with WordPress in 2014. He is a major ploygot contributor for Marathi translations. Apart from WordPress, He has also worked on various MVC frameworks like CakePHP and Laravel. Nowadays creating git repo’s for React.

Sukhada Chaudhary

Sukhada Chaudhary holds a post-graduate degree from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) with a specialisation in advertising strategy. Having worked in the strategy teams for Lakme, Citibank and Skoda in the past 2 years, she has now moved back to Nagpur to become a digital marketing consultant for SMEs and is Partner & Content Head at Buzo Media Services.

She is an avid business quizzer and loves everything connected to Nagpur. She also heads Nagpur Foodies – a community of 50,000+ food lovers in the city and the only Co-Working space Chaos Theory in Town.

Parth Gohil

Parth is Drupal Guy, who loves hanging around Open Source Communities. Is a part-time entrepreneur, tech enthusiast. He works as Community Manager at Axelerant. He was a hobby Film Maker, hobby #Photographer & a Pilot.

Manoj Khande

Manoj is a WordPress enthusiast with experience in designing and building themes and plugins. Currently working at Sanisoft Technologies.

He started tinkering with computers when he was a child and has not stopped since. He lives, breathes and teaches web development, security and computer science.

He loves travelling, listening to songs, partying, socialising, apart from his day to day work.

Makarand Mane

Makarand is a full-time freelancer & WordPress enthusiast, working on WordPress from last 6 years. Although WordPress is built with PHP, Makarand learnt PHP and jQuery after he started using WordPress.

Makarand is General translation editor for Marathi language and active in the polyglot community. Outside of WordPress, he loves travelling visiting new places, programming workshops in colleges, trying new things and spiritual practice.

Nagesh Pai

A Happiness Engineer at Automattic, Nagesh started his WordPress journey as a hobbyist and freelancer, by building and tinkering with WordPress websites between 2008 and 2016.

Nagesh comes with a rather diverse career track-record. With a strong background in Banking & Finance, Nagesh has worked in the roles of Digital Marketing at Technology, as well as in Media houses. He has also served as a Media Planner with reputed agencies.

The interesting part about his story is that, despite his diverse background, Nagesh’s WordPress journey kickstarted from a unique vertical: by setting up and running a community website that he built, without having any prior knowledge of programming. – RadioIdli.net. He started it on Blogger, and, migrated it to self-hosted WordPress, sometime in 2009. This journey introduced him to a career in digital marketing, helped him learn to create beautiful websites, and eventually led him to Automattic!

Chandra Patel

Chandra fell in love with WordPress in 2014 while he was freelancing as a web developer. Since then, he has been a regular Core contributor, General Translation Editor for Gujarati, and has contributed to WordPress Meta projects.

He is currently a VP of Engineering at rtCamp and leads their internal training program. He has developed a love for learning, as evident in his pursuit to learn WordPress deeply.

Over his weekends, you can catch him reading, watching movies and exploring the city.

Radhakrishnan Mudliar

Radhe is Saraswatian was born and brought up in Nagpur and lives in Pune. His love for technology led to him co-founding rtCamp Solutions where he has played many roles over the years- developer, project manager, consultant and the one closest to his heart- DevOps lead. Because of his WordPress development experience, all-around knowledge and patient nature, he is often tasked with training projects at rtCamp.

A FOSS supporter and command line resident for many years, you can find him tinkering with Amazon servers, NGINX conf files, WordPress and of course, EasyEngine.

Radhe loves big numbers- whether handling servers with huge traffic, the size of his phone/computer screen or the amount of RAM in his Macbook.

Alexander Gounder

Alex is an SEO / SEM, Internet Marketer with a wide variety of work experience across industries and domains like Films, TV Production, Customer Service, Politics, Government Operations, Press Relations, Graphic & Web Design to finally Internet Marketing & SEO. For the last four to five years he has been involved with the Indian WordPress Community which has helped him use WordPress for his clients at Ink my web better. He’s often seen ranting about politics on Twitter.

Kaustubh Katdare

Kaustubh Katdare is the founder and CEO at CrazyEngineers – a global community of engineers. Commonly known as TheBigK in his community.  He graduated with a first class degree in Electrical Engineering in 2003 and had a brief stint in the IT industry with leading MNCs.
He was one of the five international bloggers (and only one from India) invited to Israel for ‘Once in a Lifetime’ all expenses paid trip. He’s spoken at 3 TEDx Conferences in India and is regularly B-plan judge and to speak at entrepreneurship events.
This Nagpur-based guy enjoys playing Guitar in his free time. He’s also a badminton player and likes to impress people with his 100+ WPM typing speed.

Ajit Bohra

Ajit is Developer by profession & designer by hobby. Being Developer & Designer He enjoys best of both the world by creating & developing Applications, Utilities, Design that looks and perform at its best.

Ajit run a boutique agency out of a corner of Mumbai called “LUBUS”. With an experience of over 8 years in WordPress, where he traversed from basic WordPress theme setups to implementing complex applications on top of WordPress.

When not working you can find him exploring the musical multifariousness and the Indian Underground music. He believes its great journey so far he has explored & learned a lot. Still growing & implementing things.

Anirudha Prabhune

Aniruddha is an Imaginative, creative and resourceful problem solver.

Works as Head – Product Engineering at WPoets Technology. He has total experience of 10+ years in Web Development. Part of WordPress Community since last 4 years.

Jayman Pandya

Jayman is a designer who has spent a decade of designing experiences, He is a go-to guy for a lot of startups and agencies in the city of dreams, Mumbai. Served as a Design Head at companies like Mumbai Educational Trust, Zee TV, Indigo Consulting (A LeoBurnett company), Ziffi and UX consultant for 8 startups in Mumbai Startup scene.

He intend to bring a change in developers approach towards Experience & Visual Design.

Rahul Bansal

Rahul is the founder and CEO of rtCamp – the only WordPress.com VIP Partner from Asia.

His WordPress journey began in 2007 when he was looking for ways to customise his blog. Later on, he moved from professional blogging, freelancing to starting rtCamp in 2009.

At work, Rahul plays multiple roles, switching between sysadmin (his favourite), to a salesman and everything else company demands from him.

Over the years, Rahul has contributed to the WordPress community in different ways as a WordCamp speaker, organiser, volunteer, polyglot, theme/plugins developer.

Outside of WordPress, he loves spending time with his son and is a self-proclaimed foodie.

Omkar Bhagat

Omkar is Computer Engineer by degree but loves to draw and Illustrate things. He works as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

This Thane-based geek loves to create educational videos on his youtube channel TheCuriousEngineer. Earlier started as a place for Programming Tutorials & Tech Reviews, but later amazing science channels like Vsauce, Veritasium, MinutePhysics, SmarterEveryDay inspired him to make edutaining science videos.

Swapnil Patil

Swapnil Patil started his WordPress journey back in Jan 2014; his passion for WordPress started at the college itself. Luckily right after the college, he got an opportunity to be at a place, where 100% of work involved WordPress!
He hasn’t look back after that, having enjoyed each moment of his professional life.

Got immense happiness in giving back the community, by co-organizing WordCamp Pune, publishing a couple of plugins, Being a GTE of Marathi WordPress Project, and contributing to the core WordPress recently.

Harneet Bhalla

Harneet Bhalla is a widely recognised marketing expert & speaker. For more than 6 years, Mr Bhalla has empowered more than 5 Fortune 500’s, multiple startups, famous personalities & thousands through his marketing & speaking engagements.

He created multiple marketing strategies that have significantly helped a tonne of companies experience multiple levels of growth instantly.

Harneet is part of WordPress Community since 2013. Harneet has an ability to uncover hidden marketing opportunities and optimise under-performing strategies.

Bigul Malayi

Bigul hails from Kerala and started his web development journey as a PHP developer in 2005. He has been working with WordPress since 2008.

From 2012 January onwards he started to work in OnTheGo Systems (the makers of WPML & Toolset) as QA & Support Analyst.

Bigul credits WordPress as his bread and butter. To return the favour, he frequently educates users about WordPress. He is also the lead organiser of WP Kochi community.

Amit Singh

Amit Singh is a founder and CEO of WPoets Technology. He been working with WordPress since 2007, and contributed his first WordPress plugin to WordPress.org repository in 2008. He has helped organize PHPCamp, WordCamp, Joomla Day and Drupal camp in Pune.

He believes that instead of coding websites, we should be able to assemble it, and is working towards that goal at WPoets.

Vikram Kulkarni

Vikram is in love with WordPress for almost 6 years. Vikram helps businesses to focus on and effectively utilise IT as supporting structure to core business deliverables, by crafting effective web presence, implementing business solutions, moving businesses to cloud as well as managing complex eCommerce requirements.

Vikram born and brought up at Dapoli is Agriculture Engineer who also holds MBA in Marketing & IT, along with Diploma in Cyber Law.

Kumar Abhirup

Kumar Abhirup is a thirteen-year-old, 8th Grade student from Nashik. He’s a Developer and a keen Blogger who loves writing and coding. In addition, he likes solving Math problems, exploring Science and all in all, is a passionate WebGeek.

Possibly the youngest ever speaker at a WordCamp, he started blogging and building websites at the age of ten! He now has an active website IQubex, where he talks about blogging, technology and code.

Rohit Langde

Rohit Langde is an experienced blogger and eCommerce store owner. He is working in the field of Internet marketing since last 5 years and has a keen interest in online businesses. Specialising in Affiliate and eCommerce field, he is now working on SaaS model.

Ankit Jaiswal

Ankit is a seasoned Digital Marketer specialised in Social Media promotions. He has been successfully running Digital Agency in Nagpur since last 4 years. Majorly focusing on the mix of organic and paid campaigns which drive results.

Sonal Sinha

Sonal Sinha is actively involved in WordPress for the past 8 years. He runs a Nagpur-based company named Shri Krishna Technologies, manages over 3000 websites. In the year 2013, he started selling WordPress themes under the name of SKT Themes. SKT Themes has  45+ free WooCommerce compatible themes in WordPress.org repository. While Sonal manages his firm, he also has a keen interest in Astrology.

Paras Wadher

Paras works as assistant professor at the department of electronics and computer science in Rashtrsant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University Campus. Paras is a techie and OpenSource lover. He likes to play with Electronics. Electronics, Arduino, Linux, Php, Java, Mobile Computing are some words which interest him. Part of WordPress Nagpur Community since early days. He blogs at paraswadher.com