Which of these Wapuu you like? which one should be the Mascot for WCNagpur 2017?

Jai WordPress Mandali!

On #WP14 Party we were discussing what things Wapuu can represent Nagpurkars, Following Fun part came out of it. He got Nagpur’s bad habit of Baba120.

This blog post in not a feature film to start with statutory Warning! Tobacco Chewing is bad for health. Not adding Mukesh’s Video, but seriously Nagpur is not about Paan and Kharra(Tobacco).

Thanks to following entries that showed so many Good things that Nagpur is known for. Apart from Oranges and Tigers.

Here are the Wapuu designs we received in the Design contest. Do let us know which one you like by visiting the Facebook links or in Comments of this blog post.

Our First Entry came from Kaushik Baroliya, Ahmedabad. His wapuu is inspired by one of the most progressive rulers in the history of our country: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Greatest warrior – the hero of Maratha folklore, so he think that none other than him will be best suited for WordCamp Nagpur Wapu

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Second Entry Came from Aastha Vijay, Pune. Her Wapuu is enjoying the Zero Milestone – the Centre of the India.

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Third Entry came from Mukul Chaturvedi, Nagpur. He called it Postman Chapuu!
Recently Nagpur’s General Post Office Building completed 100 years. This Victorian style Post Office building is a marvellous example of British architecture. The Building is declared as National Heritage by Indian Government. Wapuu for Lovely Postman Chachu! who spends their time out of this building delivering our letters.

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4th entry is also from Mukul Chaturvedi, Here’s the happy little wapuu representing people of Nagpur in Monsoon season! Wishing you Happy Camping in the first monsoon WordCamp of India.

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5th Entry came from Premanshu Manghirmalani, Kolhapur. This wapuu is Firefighter trying to climb Zero Milestone Pillar. Nagpur Holds the crown of First Fire and Safety Engineering College in India. This wapuu represents those brave people.

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Tell us which one should be the Mascot for WCNagpur 2017?

Design WordCamp Nagpur’s Mascot! – WC Nagpur Wapuu Contest

Wapuus are the official mascots of WordCamps across the world since 2011.  Wapuus have been used by communities to showcase the event theme and local culture to the attendees. We need your help in designing the mascot for WC Nagpur.

Wapuu Comes to Nagpur

Wapuu has become an important part of the WordCamp experience and somewhat a collector item. This your chance to contribute to one of the cutest aspects of WordCamp Nagpur and win an amazing reward pack!

Some History Behind Wapuu

Wapuu has been used by local communities as a showcase of the local culture and the inspirations behind the WordCamp they are organizing. Kazuko Kaneuchi originally created the first Wapuu in 2011 for WordPress Japan and ever since Wapuu has been used by WordCamps across the world. Just like WordPress, Wapuu is an open-source character letting anyone who wants to remix and high-resolution it the way they want. You can read more about Wapuu’s history, check out this detailed post.

Wapuus In India
Some Recent Wapuu’s from WordCamps in India

Where will we be using Wapuu

We need your ideas on how to we can creatively use your design. Want to create a life-size Wapuu? Or want to make a Wapuu booth?  Go Ahead – send us a mockup! We are also working to finalize on which merchandise are we going print Wapuu on.

These may include:

  • Laptop Stickers
  • Tshirts
  • Mugs

Design Guidelines

Wapuu design guidelines aren’t very strict but eyes, nose, and mouth that are distinctive areas in Wapuus. Please ensure your design follows these general design guidelines.

What are we looking for in the design of Nagpur’s Wapuu:

  • Needs to showcase Nagpur’s culture (duh!)
  • Oranges are not the only thing Nagpur is known for! Come on don’t just make the Wapuu holding an orange!
  • Need to be both print and screen friendly
  • Read our inspiration blog post (to be added soon) to derive more ideas soon.

Need Inspirations? Checkout

Design Resources and original design can be found here: https://jawordpressorg.github.io/wapuu/faq_en.html

Contest Rules:

  1. Follow general Wapuu design guidelines. Share your Wapuu in our facebook group and/or tweet it out to us on Twitter with #WCNagpur
  2. The contest is not restricted to Nagpur residents.
  3. The last date of entry is 20 May 2017 4 June 2017 (extended)
  4. Winner entry will be notified by Email.
  5. Winner would be required to share original source AI/PSD/CDR files of the design (and along you might be required to tweak the design if needed for our print needs)
  6. The design(s) will be published under GNU General Public License v2 or later. It’s same as WordPress software.
  7. Please do not use any copyrighted content in your design(s)

Looking forward to some awesome designs!