Nagesh will help Podcasters to set up their own space

There is no replacement to the warmth and feel of a human voice. No wonder, the popularity of Broadcast Radio stations, using FM or even traditional AM is still popular. The effort and cost to set up your own “Radio station” or to Broadcast your own voice all over the world are much easier today! This does not need you to set up transmission towers and has expensive equipment!!

WordPress and the Internet give us the power of Audio blogging or Podcasts. Whatmore you can start one within a few minutes, and at zero cost. You can then upgrade it gradually as you grow to a website as widely followed as any radio station. Through the talk / quick workshop, Nagesh will trace through how you can begin setting up your own Audio blog using, and then upscale it towards a self-hosted Website if needed.

The talk aims at encouraging aspiring budding Radio Jockeys, Audio artists claim their very own space and audience through a simple step-by-step method.

Nagesh is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, Nagesh started his WordPress journey as a hobbyist and freelancer, by building and tinkering with WordPress websites between 2008 and 2016.

The interesting part about his story is that, despite his diverse background, Nagesh’s WordPress journey kickstarted from a unique vertical: by setting up and running a community website that he built, without having any prior knowledge of programming. – He started it on Blogger, and, migrated it to self-hosted WordPress, sometime in 2009. This journey introduced him to a career in digital marketing, helped him learn to create beautiful websites, and eventually led him to Automattic!