About WordPress Community in Nagpur

Origin Story

On 11th July 2009, Nagpur had it first PHP meetup, around 31 people turned up with a variety of background.

First PHP Meetup in Nagpur

Further down the line group continued to cover various topics and activities. Topics like Various PHP Frameworks, various content management systems, Facebook Applications using PHP, Drupal 7 Release Party, WordPress Anniversary party, Git flow, Plugin development, Modules/Components developments and more.

The PHP meetups have been a great boon for the PHP community in Nagpur & has provided a great platform for PHP beginners, enthusiasts & developers to share their knowledge.

Why We forked WordPress User Group From PHP User Group

After attending First WordCamp of life, Abhishek (as an attendee) and Rohit (as a Speaker) at WordCamp Baroda 2013 realised WordPress community is not developers only community, it’s more about users. Further attending WordCamps Pune 2013, Baroda 2014, Mumbai 2014, It took us two years to understand how WordPress community works.

Current Status of WordPress Community in Nagpur

WordPress Community Nagpur has two groups, One on Facebook and one from WordPress Foundation on Meetup.com. There are 332 WPers in the Facebook group and 162 on Meetup group. Facebook group is used for discussions and helping each other, whereas Meetup group for scheduling meetup.

To make sure people could join, contribute and learn, we try to conduct two meetups every Month, Mid-month meetup for hands-on and learning and Month-end Meetup are mostly discussions over coffee.

Here are some glimpse of group activities

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With WordCamp Nagpur 2017, we look forward to organising Annual Conference for our Community that will help the community to grow exponentially.

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