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Tickets for WordCamp Nagpur – The First Monsoon WordCamp In Central India, on the 24th & 25th of June, 2017 – at Chitnavis Centre, Civil Lines, Nagpur are now available!

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There is something for everyone in WordCamp Nagpur!

WordCamp Nagpur will have several informative, and entertaining sessions on various topics revolving around WordPress, conducted by WordPress enthusiast. The sessions are not meant for a technical audience – they will be equally useful for you, whether you are a user or a developer.

Remember – we have only limited seats for the event! Book your seat now, before the tickets get sold out!

About WordPress Community in Nagpur

Origin Story

On 11th July 2009, Nagpur had it first PHP meetup, around 31 people turned up with a variety of background.

First PHP Meetup in Nagpur

Further down the line group continued to cover various topics and activities. Topics like Various PHP Frameworks, various content management systems, Facebook Applications using PHP, Drupal 7 Release Party, WordPress Anniversary party, Git flow, Plugin development, Modules/Components developments and more.

The PHP meetups have been a great boon for the PHP community in Nagpur & has provided a great platform for PHP beginners, enthusiasts & developers to share their knowledge.

Why We forked WordPress User Group From PHP User Group

After attending First WordCamp of life, Abhishek (as an attendee) and Rohit (as a Speaker) at WordCamp Baroda 2013 realised WordPress community is not developers only community, it’s more about users. Further attending WordCamps Pune 2013, Baroda 2014, Mumbai 2014, It took us two years to understand how WordPress community works.

Current Status of WordPress Community in Nagpur

WordPress Community Nagpur has two groups, One on Facebook and one from WordPress Foundation on There are 332 WPers in the Facebook group and 162 on Meetup group. Facebook group is used for discussions and helping each other, whereas Meetup group for scheduling meetup.

To make sure people could join, contribute and learn, we try to conduct two meetups every Month, Mid-month meetup for hands-on and learning and Month-end Meetup are mostly discussions over coffee.

Here are some glimpse of group activities

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With WordCamp Nagpur 2017, we look forward to organising Annual Conference for our Community that will help the community to grow exponentially.

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We are Looking for Speakers and Workshop Facilitators!

Jai WordPress!

We are officially accepting applications for sessions and workshops at WordCamp Nagpur.

If you love WordPress, enjoy being a part of the community then join us! WordCamps are fun, community-organized, casual events and it’s a great experience for everyone.

We’re expecting nearly 450 attendees with a wide range of experience and interests. All session will be recorded and posted to

Session Overview
Sessions will be 20 minutes long with 10 minutes of Q&A. We’re currently looking for talks related to the topics that people are expecting though other topics are welcome.

Workshop Overview
A workshop will be two hours long. We’re currently looking for workshop related to the topics that people are expecting, though other topics are welcome.

Required Qualifications
You are not expected to be a professional speaker, but you must know what you’re talking about. We’ll be selecting speakers based on how timely, relevant and useful the topic is.

Apply Now! – Deadline is May 5, 2017
Apply Now! – Extended Deadline is 12th May 2017

If you’d like to propose multiple topics, please submit the form multiple times, once for each topic. Please be as detailed as possible.

Update: Thank you for your support. We are processing the applications. Will Announce them Shortly.

Topics people look forward to explore at Wordcamp Nagpur

Jai WordPress!

Last week, we asked for Topics suggestion for Workshops, Talks and Panel Discussion.

Before we start accepting speaker applications, here is the list of Topic that people are expecting at WordCamp Nagpur.

    • Scalability of WordPress, how WordPress can be used other than traditional blog, website, eCommerce sites. The versatility of WordPress.
    • Best Code practices for developers
    • Topics related to project management/mentorship/WordPress training
    • WordPress for the upliftment of people who are yet to join IT revolution.
    • AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages
    • Workshop for designers, how to get started with WordPress. Design and code for WP
    • How to manage continuous delivery with WordPress
    • Design systems in WordPress
    • Teaching WordPress to kids
    • Common publisher problems and how to resolve them
    • How to Create Content Marketing Strategy and reports using WordPress
    • WordPress Dev Ops for Beginners
    • WordPress of Things – WordPress for IOT
    • WordPress Rest API
    • WordPress Caching
    • Parent and Child themes
    • Best Encryption practices – SSL and beyond it.
    • Security Checklist for WordPress Site
    • Career in WordPress
    • Podcasting with WordPress
    • Designing for Accessibility
    • Utilities to use along with WordPress
    • WordPress Multitenancy
    • WordPress as headless CMS
    • Unit Testing your Plugins
    • WordPress theme development with perspective to UI Development
    • How to contribute to WordPress, bloggers perspective.
    • WordPress Troubleshooting
    • WordPress plugin development with Composer
    • Creating themes with Underscores
    • Building Mobile apps with WordPress
    • WordPress and Javascript (React, Angular, Backbone)
    • WordPress CLI
    • Good Practices to manage images in WordPress
    • Flexbox – future of CSS
    • WooCommerce – adventures of eCommerce
    • Tools to automate marketing with WordPress
    • A/B testing in WordPress
    • Scaling WordPress with Load Testing
    • Using WordPress as a productivity tool.

Thank you for sharing your expectations from WordCamp Nagpur. If you want to add a topic to above list, feel free to suggest, We will try to incorporate those in WordCamp Schedule.

Call for Sponsors

WordCamp Nagpur is the first WordCamp in India in the monsoon of the year 2017 and is the first one for WordPress Nagpur community. Your sponsorship will enable us to conduct a better event, a better experience for attendees.

Sponsoring WordCamp highlights you in front of attendees that include developers, bloggers, users, entrepreneurs, service providers, enterprises and newbies getting started with the WordPress.

We have different sponsorship options and advantages along with them mentioned as follows

Admin level Sponsor
INR 50,000 / USD 1000

  • Blogpost Introducing you as Admin
  • Multiple Social Media Mentions
  • Large size Sitewide Logo
  • Three Standees Spaces for your Standees
  • Exhibition Desk for Interactions on Conference Day
  • 4 Reserved Tickets for your representatives
  • You can add swags/flyers to Camps Swag kit.

Editor Level Sponsor
INR 30,000 / USD 500

  • Blogpost Introducing you as Editor
  • Multiple Social Media Mentions
  • Medium size Sitewide Logo
  • One Standees Spaces for your Standees
  • Exhibition Desk for Interactions on Conference Day
  • 3 Reserved Tickets for your representatives
  • You can add swags/flyers to Camps Swag kit.

Author Level Sponsor
INR 15,000 / USD 250

  • Consolidated Blog Post along with all Author level sponsors
  • Multiple Social Media Mentions
  • Small size Sitewide Logo
  • 2 Reserved Tickets for your representatives
  • You can add swags/flyers to Camps Swag kit.

Beyond Sponsorship levels, following is common for all

  • All Sponsors get access to Pre-Conference Dinner.
  • And Thanking mentions in opening or closing remarks on Conference day.

If you are interested in any of these packages then please fill up the form below and we will be in contact.

Here’s the action blueprint for WordCamp Nagpur

Jai WordPress Mandali,

At WordCamp Nagpur, we are planning for two days of action. Day 1 for workshops and day 2 for talks.

Day 1. Workshop day will have three tracks for users, developers, community. Around 4 workshops a track.
Day 2. Conference day will have two tracks for users/business and development. Around 8 talks each track. and a couple of panel discussions.

We look forward making this camp an awesome experience. Please suggest us topics for workshops, talks and panel discussion in the following form.

Tell us what are you expecting from WordCamp Nagpur

Jai WordPress Mandali (Peoples)!

Learning and networking are the two core interest of peoples at any WordCamp. Before we open Speaker’s Application, We want you to tell us what are you expecting from WordCamp Nagpur.

Two days of WordCamp Nagpur is planned to have various workshops, bi-directional talks, panel discussions and experience sharing.

We plan to publish a list of expected Topics next Monday, so people planning to speak can select the topics to apply as speaker.

Feel Free to share your thoughts, topics you want to explore at WordCamp Nagpur.

Save the dates for First WordCamp in Nagpur !

Jai WordPress!

We’re happy to announce that WordCamp Nagpur is officially on the calendar. This June, Nagpur gets ready to host it first WordCamp. The City is known for its oranges, heritage, tigers & one of the most active tech communities in central India.

We warmly welcome everyone for two days of talks, workshops, & so much more. Join us on 24th & 25th June 2017 at Chitnavis Centre, Civil Lines, Nagpur for the first monsoon WordCamp, at the center of India (literally 1.3km Southwest from the Center of India – Zero Mile monument).

Subscribe using the form in the sidebar to stay up to date on the most recent news. We’ll be keeping you posted on all the details over the coming months, including speaker submissions, ticket sales and more!