Kaustubh will share how WordPress is the ideal platform to build a SaaS product.

Kaustubh Katdare is the founder and CEO of CrazyEngineers – a global community of engineers. Kaustubh is serial TEDx speaker/attendee and also B-plan judge & speaker at many entrepreneurship events in India.

At WordCamp Nagpur, Kaustubh will share how WordPress can be used SaaS(Software as a Service) platform.

He believes WordPress is ideal to build SaaS Product. He will share how he managed to release product as early as possible with a lesser learning curve. How CrazyEngineers tools like resume builder, jobs, events, quiz work using CPT and the Multi-Site environment without any database structural changes of WordPress setup.

How easy it is to scale the systems. How Startups can make use of WordPress to offer any kind of app as a service, save costs and have a proven solution to rely on.