Understanding Audience for WordPress site, Workshop by Rohit Langde

Many businesses think they know their target audience inside out. But if they took a test, how well do you think they would actually understand them? In this class, you will walk through the basics of the target audience, understand them thoroughly for better conversions.
Once the site has gone live and started getting traction, you’ll learn how to track visitors, learn about their geographics, demographics and behaviour on the site. This can be utilised to optimise site design and content.


  • Learn and understand audience
  • Track visitors’ behaviour on site
  • How to implement Google Analytics and use it.
  • Tracking Sales and Conversions

Prereqs and Preparation

  • This is a beginner and intermediate class designed for those who have built site on WordPress successfully.
  • It requires basic knowledge of installation of plugin and WordPress management.
  • Bring a laptop to jumpstart your analytical journey with WordPress.
  • Bring good questions. This class is a broad overview with time for answers on each topic.

About Rohit Langde

Rohit Langde is an experienced blogger and eCommerce store owner. He is working in the field of Internet marketing since last 5 years and has a keen interest in online businesses. Specialising in Affiliate and eCommerce field, he is now working on SaaS model.

We have only 40 Seats in workshop rooms, RSVP here