Topics people look forward to explore at Wordcamp Nagpur

Jai WordPress!

Last week, we asked for Topics suggestion for Workshops, Talks and Panel Discussion.

Before we start accepting speaker applications, here is the list of Topic that people are expecting at WordCamp Nagpur.

    • Scalability of WordPress, how WordPress can be used other than traditional blog, website, eCommerce sites. The versatility of WordPress.
    • Best Code practices for developers
    • Topics related to project management/mentorship/WordPress training
    • WordPress for the upliftment of people who are yet to join IT revolution.
    • AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages
    • Workshop for designers, how to get started with WordPress. Design and code for WP
    • How to manage continuous delivery with WordPress
    • Design systems in WordPress
    • Teaching WordPress to kids
    • Common publisher problems and how to resolve them
    • How to Create Content Marketing Strategy and reports using WordPress
    • WordPress Dev Ops for Beginners
    • WordPress of Things – WordPress for IOT
    • WordPress Rest API
    • WordPress Caching
    • Parent and Child themes
    • Best Encryption practices – SSL and beyond it.
    • Security Checklist for WordPress Site
    • Career in WordPress
    • Podcasting with WordPress
    • Designing for Accessibility
    • Utilities to use along with WordPress
    • WordPress Multitenancy
    • WordPress as headless CMS
    • Unit Testing your Plugins
    • WordPress theme development with perspective to UI Development
    • How to contribute to WordPress, bloggers perspective.
    • WordPress Troubleshooting
    • WordPress plugin development with Composer
    • Creating themes with Underscores
    • Building Mobile apps with WordPress
    • WordPress and Javascript (React, Angular, Backbone)
    • WordPress CLI
    • Good Practices to manage images in WordPress
    • Flexbox – future of CSS
    • WooCommerce – adventures of eCommerce
    • Tools to automate marketing with WordPress
    • A/B testing in WordPress
    • Scaling WordPress with Load Testing
    • Using WordPress as a productivity tool.

Thank you for sharing your expectations from WordCamp Nagpur. If you want to add a topic to above list, feel free to suggest, We will try to incorporate those in WordCamp Schedule.

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